Company Profile

Episentum is a Swedish biotech company located in the beautiful Swedish capital Stockholm. The company was originally established as Episentec in 2010 by scientists with a comprehensive experience in the development and application of biosensors. In 2016, the company evolved into Episentum to reflect the broader scope of the product range. The aim of the company is to develop add-on tools that boost the performance of biosensor instruments.

Optical biosensor instruments are today well-established research tools within drug development, food safety, environmental technology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and life science research in general. The users – our customers – can be found at universities, research institutes, and small biotech companies as well as big pharma companies. One particularly important application area is drug discovery – here our goal is to help reduce the cost and time needed to develop new drugs. In the long run, optical biosensors are expected to revolutionize point-of-care diagnostics, where high performance in terms of sensitivity and robustness is of utmost importance.

Episentum’s proprietary concept, “Label-Enhanced SPR”, substantially improves the performance of SPR-based biosensor instruments and expands their breadth of application. The company markets the Episentec™ range of dye reagents and EpiGrammer™ software for data evaluation, and also offers services for dye labelling of biomolecules and biosensor method development.

We have gratefully received development grants and financial support from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova), Almi Innovationsbron, and Almi Företagspartner.


We have gratefully received business awards from Uppsala Innovation Centre, Nordea Bank, Bona Postulata, and the SKAPA foundation.

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The products of Episentum have been developed in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, University of Helsinki, BioNavis, and Ridgeview Instruments.