SPR Method Development Services

We offer expert consultation and SPR method development services using our in-house Biacore system. Our services include technical support and troubleshooting for users of Label-Enhanced SPR. We can also run preliminary tests of your biochemical interaction system, or develop new methods that can be transferred to your site. We can also take on complete SPR contract research projects. Please enquire!

Our services are focused on Label-Enhanced SPR, but we can offer advice and research services concerning SPR technology in general.

We also offer improved tools for kinetic model fitting and kinetic evaluation of sensorgrams, with a range of ready-to-use kinetic models for enhanced sensorgrams, “epigrams”. We can also custom-design new models to meet your specific needs. You can find out more on our Software page.

For orders and enquiries about our services, please contact us at: sales@episentum.com.