Scientific Publications

The list of scientific publications below includes direct references to Label-Enhanced SPR work, but also some SPR papers of general background interest to help understand and practice the art of LE-SPR.

  • J.G. Quinn, K.E. Pitts, M. Steffek, M.M. Mulvihill “Determination of affinity and residence time of potent drug-target complexes by label-free biosensing”, J. Med. Chem. 61 (2018) 5154-5161.
    • While this work is not strictly LE-SPR, it’s a very interesting paper about stretching the limits of determining extremely slow dissociation constants of drug-target complexes. Scientists at Genentech used dye-labelled ‘chaser’ probes to get an enhanced SPR signal. Unfortunately, for reasons of throughput, the work was done on the Biacore™ 8K which does not fully support LE-SPR. Potentially even longer residence times could be studied by running a similar method on e.g. Biacore™ T200 utilizing its full LE-SPR capabilities.
  • L. Eng, B.L. Garcia, B.V. Geisbrecht, A. Hanning “Quantitative monitoring of two simultaneously binding species using Label-Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance”, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 497 (2018) 133-138.
    • This is the first demonstration of using LE-SPR for the detection of two different binding species simultaneously. Applicability to allostery, bi-specific binders, and conformation changes.
    • Please contact us for the full text manuscript!
  • D.G. Drescher, D. Selvakumar, M.J. Drescher “Analysis of protein interactions by surface plasmon resonance”, Chap. 1 in R. Donev (ed.) “Protein-protein interactions in human disease”, Part A, Academic Press, Cambridge, 2018.
  • B.L. Garcia, D.A. Skaff, A. Chatterjee, A. Hanning, J.K. Walker, G.J. Wyckoff, B.V. Geisbrecht “Identification of C3b-binding small-molecule complement inhibitors using cheminformatics”, J. Immunol. 198 (2017) 3705-3718.
  • L. Eng, L. Nygren-Babol, A. Hanning “Label-enhanced surface plasmon resonance applied to label-free interaction analysis of small molecules and fragments”, Anal. Biochem. 510 (2016) 79-87.
    • Breakthrough paper in the analysis of small molecules with LE-SPR: 100-fold sensitivity increase, 100% specificity, label-free binding data obtained in competition assay format.
    • Please contact us for the full text manuscript!
  • N. Granqvist, A. Hanning, L. Eng, J. Tuppurainen, T. Viitala “Label-enhanced surface plasmon resonance: A new concept for improved performance in optical biosensor analysis”, Sensors 13 (2013) 15348-15363.
  • R. Karlsson, A. Fält “Experimental design for kinetic analysis of protein-protein interactions with surface plasmon resonance biosensors”, J. Immunol. Methods, 200 (1997) 121-133.
  • R. Karlsson “Real-time competitive kinetic analysis of interactions between low-molecular-weight ligands in solution and surface-immobilized receptors”, Anal. Biochem. 221 (1994) 142-151.
  • H.J. Motulsky, L.C. Mahan “The kinetics of competitive radioligand binding predicted by the law of mass action”, Mol. Pharmacol. 25 (1984) 1-9.