Episentec Dye Reagents

All Episentec™ dye reagents and dye conjugates have outstanding optical properties that give a strong and highly specific SPR signal.


B Series Dyes for Biacore instruments

There are four dyes in the B Series for Biacore™ instruments.

  • Dye B20 is zwitterionic and has a low solubility in water.
  • Dye B21 has a net charge of -1 and is moderately soluble in water.
  • Dye B22 has a net charge of -2 and is soluble in water.
  • Dye B23 has a net charge of -3 and is highly soluble in water.

Dyes in the B Series have a molecular weight of approximately 1 kDa. This means that 1 mg of dye corresponds to approximately 1 µmol. Please enquire if you need quantities and dye conjugates other than those listed below.

For all orders and enquiries regarding dyes for Biacore instruments, please contact us at: sales@episentum.com.

Reagent Product number Quantity Availability
B20, Carboxylic acid B2002 1 mg In stock
B20, Amine B2003 1 mg In stock
B20, Maleimide B2004 1 mg In stock
B20, NHS ester B2005 1 mg In stock
B20-Biotin B2006 500 µg Custom prep
B20-CTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B20-UTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B20-dCTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B20-dUTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B21, Carboxylic acid B2102 1 mg In stock
B21, Amine B2103 1 mg In stock
B21, Maleimide B2104 1 mg In stock
B21, NHS ester B2105 1 mg In stock
B21-Biotin B2106 500 µg Custom prep
B21-CTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B21-UTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B21-dCTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B21-dUTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B22, Carboxylic acid B2202 1 mg In stock
B22, Amine B2203 1 mg In stock
B22, Maleimide B2204 1 mg In stock
B22, NHS ester B2205 1 mg In stock
B22-Biotin B2206 500 µg Custom prep
B22-CTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B22-UTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B22-dCTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B22-dUTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B23, Carboxylic acid B2302 1 mg In stock
B23, Amine B2303 1 mg In stock
B23, Maleimide B2304 1 mg In stock
B23, NHS ester B2305 1 mg In stock
B23-Biotin B2306 500 µg Custom prep
B23-CTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B23-UTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B23-dCTP 100 nmol Custom prep
B23-dUTP 100 nmol Custom prep
LE-SPR Validation Kit B9003 1 pc In stock


Dyes for other SPR instruments

Dyes for other SPR instruments are under development. Please enquire at: info@episentum.com.