EpiGrammer 3.0 now released

The new improved version 3.0 of our EpiGrammer™ software for sensorgram enhancement is now available off the shelf.

Two separate, individually optimized sensorgram enhancement algorithms have been implemented for the two different generations of Biacore™ instruments: Classic/2000/3000 and T100/T200, respectively. The two generations have slightly different optical systems, and the two algorithms ensure optimum performance for both systems.

The EpiGrammer™ 3.0 Product Data Sheet is available for free download here.

We’re offering a 20% discount on EpiGrammer 3.0 throughout October 2018.


New EpiGrammer version: make your best Biacore™ even better

We have launched a new version of the EpiGrammer™ software that improves the performance even of top notch SPR instruments. Contact us on sales@episentum.com for a copy of our latest Application Note 26 to learn how the new version improves the signal-to-noise ratio and reduces the disturbance level of the Biacore™ T200 SPR instrument.

The new EpiGrammer 3.0 version uses improved algorithms for enhanced performance of Biacore™ T100/T200 systems. We are offering a limited number of free trial licenses to the pilot version of EpiGrammer 3.0 to selected customers. If you’re interested, please contact us on sales@episentum.com.