Check your SPR injections: discount offer

We are happy to offer our Validation Kit B9003 in packs of three for the price of two: €180 in Europe and $220 elsewhere (+ freight). We also include a 1-month free trial license to our EpiGrammer™ software in the package. The offer is valid throughout February 2018.

Accurate Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis requires high quality sample injection pulses. Most commercial SPR instruments offer pre-programmed “System Check” procedures that diagnose injection pulse quality in order to detect e.g. leakage, blockage, or dispersion in the microfluidic system. However, such tests are based on pure refractive index measurements, and are plagued by a number of well-known errors and artefacts.

LE-SPR offers a rigorous injection test that monitors the true transport of analyte in to and out of the detection flow cell without any refractive index artefacts. Using our LE-SPR Validation Kit, the true shape of injection pulses can be accurately assessed by simple inspection.

Learn how by checking out our Technical Note 012. Please contact us at for a copy of the TechNote.