September offer: Large discounts on Label-Enhanced SPR products

To help you get a head start in the lab after the summer break, we offer substantial discounts on all orders placed in September 2015:

  • 15% discount on all Episentec™ dye reagents in the B2 and B3 series for Biacore™.
  • 25% discount on our EpiGrammer™ 2.1 software for all new dye customers.

Remember, Label-Enhanced SPR can help you boost the performance of your Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument:

  • 100-fold improved sensitivity – as compared to standard sensorgrams.
  • 100% specificity – with respect to the labelled species.

Please contact for any enquiries or to place an order, and claim our September discounts.

Dowload pdf here: Episentec September campaign


Meet Episentec at the Drug Discovery ’15 meeting in Telford, UK, 2-3 September 2015

Take the opportunity to meet with Episentec at the ELRIG Drug Discovery ’15 conference in Telford, UK, 2-3 September 2015. We will present a poster showing how Label-Enhanced SPR improves both the detectability and the specificity in Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis of antibodies and proteins as well as small molecules and fragments.

We will also spend a few days extra in the UK, so if you’re interested in Label-Enhanced SPR and if you’re site is not too far from Telford, please contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting!

Please contact us at for any enquiries.