We’re open (almost) all summer

The Episentum office is open for customer service all summer except weeks 30-31 (23 July – 3 August).

We would like to wish all our Customers, Clients, Companions, and Contacts a pleasant, dye-enhanced summer with a yellow sun, blue skies, green trees, and the odd white cloud.


New LE-SPR publication

Label-Enhanced SPR (LE-SPR) can be used to clearly confirm binding site specificity. Brandon Garcia and Brian Geisbrecht at Kansas State University and their co-workers have used LE-SPR in a very elegant manner to study small-molecule inhibitors of the complement system using a standard Biacore™ T200 instrument. Taking advantage of the greatly simplified interpretation of LE-SPR data, binding site specificity was unambiguously confirmed in a way that would have been hard to achieve with conventional SPR.

The full study is recently published in The Journal of Immunology.

For more information about the LE-SPR technology, please contact us directly at info@episentum.com.


End-of-year offer: Free Label-Enhanced SPR software

To celebrate the approaching Holiday Season, we’re offering free licenses to our Label-Enhanced SPR software. We want to help more scientists get started with LE-SPR, and we also want to reward our existing customers. So here’s the offer:

  • Buy 1 mg of any Episentec™ dye reagent – get a free 3-month full version license to our EpiGrammer™ software.
  • Buy 2 mg of any Episentec™ dye reagents – get a free 6-month full version license to our EpiGrammer™ software.
  • And, as always, we include generous technical support on the implementation of Label-Enhanced SPR to all our customers.

For any enquiries, please contact us at sales@episentum.com.


Simple solvent correction in SPR

We have published a new Application Note 025 on the simple and efficient correction of solvent effects in SPR. Label-Enhanced SPR is immune to bulk refractive index variations, so even very large variations in sample solvent composition can be tolerated.

This is especially beneficial when analysing small molecules or fragments in solutions with varying DMSO content. However, the same technique can be used to treat bulk disturbances in general, e.g., the occurrence of varying glycerol concentrations in antibody preparations.

For a copy of the new Application Note 025, or for any other enquiries, please contact us at sales@episentum.com.


Episentec evolves into Episentum

Episentec, the company that developed the pioneering Label-Enhanced SPR technology, is now evolving into Episentum. We do this change to highlight the extension of our product range.

Episentum still offers the same high-performance Episentec™ reagents and EpiGrammer™ software for Label-Enhanced SPR, and the same high level of technical support on the implementation of the technology.

We will continue developing and offering products that improve the performance of biosensor instruments, and we’re looking forward to continue serving our customers – old as well as new. For any enquiries, please contact us at sales@episentum.com.


End-of-year offer: Get started with Label-Enhanced SPR

To celebrate the approaching end of year 2015, we are offering the following discounts on any orders on our range of Label-Enhanced SPR products placed before the end of the year:

  • 15% discount off the list price on all Episentec™ dye reagents.
  • 25% discount off the list price on the first annual EpiGrammer™ license.
  • Free support on experimental planning and data evaluation for three months for new customers.

For any additional information, for a quotation, or to place an order, please contact sales@episentum.com.

Download pdf here:   Episentec December 2015


New Technical Notes published

We have published four new Technical Notes, i.e. simple guides on the practical implementation of Label-Enhanced SPR. Please check out our Technical Notes page for a complete list of available TechNotes, and please contact sales@episentum.com for a copy of any of the TechNotes.

The new TechNotes are:

Technical Note 007: A Biacore™ MDL method template for inhibition-in-solution (ISA) assays

Technical Note 008: A Biacore™ MDL method template for kinetic assays

These two TechNotes contain ready-to-use methods for customers running MDL methods on e.g. Biacore™ 2000 and Biacore™ 3000. The templates can be used right off, or modified according to the user’s requirements.

Technical Note 009: EpiGrammer™ Tutorial 1: Basic case

Technical Note 010: EpiGrammer™ Tutorial 2: Dual-colour case (two binding species)

These two TechNotes contain simple step-by-step instructions on the use of EpiGrammer™ software. TechNote 009 covers the most basic case, while TechNote 010 covers the case with two simultaneously binding species described in our Application Note 024.


September offer: Large discounts on Label-Enhanced SPR products

To help you get a head start in the lab after the summer break, we offer substantial discounts on all orders placed in September 2015:

  • 15% discount on all Episentec™ dye reagents in the B2 and B3 series for Biacore™.
  • 25% discount on our EpiGrammer™ 2.1 software for all new dye customers.

Remember, Label-Enhanced SPR can help you boost the performance of your Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument:

  • 100-fold improved sensitivity – as compared to standard sensorgrams.
  • 100% specificity – with respect to the labelled species.

Please contact sales@episentum.com for any enquiries or to place an order, and claim our September discounts.

Dowload pdf here: Episentec September campaign


Meet Episentec at the Drug Discovery ’15 meeting in Telford, UK, 2-3 September 2015

Take the opportunity to meet with Episentec at the ELRIG Drug Discovery ’15 conference in Telford, UK, 2-3 September 2015. We will present a poster showing how Label-Enhanced SPR improves both the detectability and the specificity in Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis of antibodies and proteins as well as small molecules and fragments.

We will also spend a few days extra in the UK, so if you’re interested in Label-Enhanced SPR and if you’re site is not too far from Telford, please contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting!

Please contact us at sales@episentum.com for any enquiries.