Autumn offer on EpiGrammer software

September is here and to get the autumn started in a good way we offer substantial discounts on our EpiGrammer™ software for Label-Enhanced SPR:

  • For new customers: A free 1-month trial license + 10% off the first annual license fee.
  • For old and returning customers: 20% off the annual license fee.

The regular annual license fee for EpiGrammer 3.1 is EUR 690 or USD 890. The discount offer is valid through September 2020.

For more information or a complete price list please contact us at


Free LE-SPR method files for Biacore S200

We have now adopted the Label-Enhanced SPR technology also to the Biacore™ S200 top-of-the-line SPR instrument. We are now supplying ready-to-use LE-SPR method files for the majority of the Biacore range of instruments: S200, T200, T100, 3000, and 2000.

The ready-to-use method files make it easy to get started with LE-SPR. And even better: the method files are supplied for free to our LE-SPR customers.

We are also interested in developing new method files or templates together with our customers. If you have any enquiries about LE-SPR method development, or if you would want more information about LE-SPR in general, please contact Episentum on


Run ELISA on your SPR instrument!

Episentum is developing a high-sensitivity, ELISA-like sandwich assay format for Biacore SPR instruments. The format is based on the proprietary Label-Enhanced SPR technology of Episentum, and will utilize standard commercial ELISA kits.

The new format can be used to replace plate-based ELISA assays with real-time Biacore assays. Or, the other way around: to develop new ELISA kits and methodology using Biacore as a development tool.

We are now looking for development partners for the further refinement and testing of the new assay format. If you’re interested – for example if you are an ELISA developer, an ELISA end user, or if you’re interested in transferring ELISA assays to the Biacore – please call back at for more details.


We’re open (almost) all summer

The Episentum office is open for customer service all summer except weeks 30-31 (23 July – 3 August).

We would like to wish all our Customers, Clients, Companions, and Contacts a pleasant, dye-enhanced summer with a yellow sun, blue skies, green trees, and the odd white cloud.


New EpiGrammer version: make your best Biacore™ even better

We have launched a new version of the EpiGrammer™ software that improves the performance even of top notch SPR instruments. Contact us on for a copy of our latest Application Note 26 to learn how the new version improves the signal-to-noise ratio and reduces the disturbance level of the Biacore™ T200 SPR instrument.

The new EpiGrammer 3.0 version uses improved algorithms for enhanced performance of Biacore™ T100/T200 systems. We are offering a limited number of free trial licenses to the pilot version of EpiGrammer 3.0 to selected customers. If you’re interested, please contact us on


Check your SPR injections: discount offer

We are happy to offer our Validation Kit B9003 in packs of three for the price of two: €180 in Europe and $220 elsewhere (+ freight). We also include a 1-month free trial license to our EpiGrammer™ software in the package. The offer is valid throughout February 2018.

Accurate Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis requires high quality sample injection pulses. Most commercial SPR instruments offer pre-programmed “System Check” procedures that diagnose injection pulse quality in order to detect e.g. leakage, blockage, or dispersion in the microfluidic system. However, such tests are based on pure refractive index measurements, and are plagued by a number of well-known errors and artefacts.

LE-SPR offers a rigorous injection test that monitors the true transport of analyte in to and out of the detection flow cell without any refractive index artefacts. Using our LE-SPR Validation Kit, the true shape of injection pulses can be accurately assessed by simple inspection.

Learn how by checking out our Technical Note 012. Please contact us at for a copy of the TechNote.